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Easy Fruit and Herb Flavored Water

Recipe for Easy Fruit and Herb Flavored Water

Simple, healthy and refreshing. There are so many different options with this recipe that you will never get bored, and may even come up with some favorites that are not even here!

Easy Fruit and Herb Flavored Water
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Easy Fruit and Herb Flavored Water
  • fruit — 2 cups berries, citrus, melons, pineapple…most fruits will work (see recommended amounts in directions)
  • herbs — a sprig of mint, basil, sage, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, or lavender
  • water (tap or filtered)
  • ice
    Supplies needed:
  • 2 quart pitcher or jar with lid
  • muddler or wooden spoon
    General formula for whatever fruit/herb combination you desire.
  1. If using herbs, add fresh herbs to jar/pitcher; press and twist with muddler or handle of wooden spoon to bruise the leaves and release flavor; don’t grind the herbs into bits.
  2. Add approx. 2 cups of fruit to jar/pitcher; press and twist with muddler or handle of wooden spoon, just enough to release some of the juices
  3. Fill jar/pitcher with ice cubes.
  4. Top off jar/pitcher with water.
  5. Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

ALL CITRUS (no herbs) — Slice 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon into rounds, then cut the rounds in half. Add to jar and proceed with muddling, add ice & water. RASPBERRY LIME (no herbs) — Quarter 2 limes; with your hands, squeeze the juice into the jar, then throw in the squeezed lime quarters. Add 2 cups raspberries. Muddle, add ice & water. PINEAPPLE MINT — Add a sprig of mint to the jar (you can throw in the whole sprig; or, remove the leaves from the sprig, if you prefer to have the mint swimming around and distributing in the jar). Muddle the mint. Add 2 cups pineapple pieces, muddle, add ice & water. BLACKBERRY SAGE — Add sage sprig to jar and muddle. Add 2 cups blackberries; muddle, add ice & water. WATERMELON ROSEMARY — Add rosemary sprig to jar & muddle. Add 2 cups watermelon cubes; muddle, add ice and water.

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