Japanese Cheesecake

Recipe for Japanese Cheesecake

Recipe for Japanese Cheesecake

Last week, a new friend brought over a wondrous piece of Japanese cheesecake. If you’re unfamiliar with this sweet, Japanese cheesecake sometimes contains a bit of flour or cornstarch, and milk for a lighter consistency. Usually, the eggs are separated, with the egg whites whipped and folded in, sort of like what you’d do if you were making a soufflé.

This cheesecake is simply perfect for those days when you want a bit of dessert without that overstuffed feeling. It’s light and creamy, with a silky, cottony texture. It also is a little less sugary than most American cheesecakes.

I asked my friend for the recipe, and she was generous enough to share it. She translated the recipe from a Japanese cookbook–I’ll have to ask her for the title so I can attribute the recipe accordingly. For now, here is the recipe for Japanese cheesecake, in her own words.

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