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This is your own private page where you can view your favorite recipes from this site. Don’t have any yet? Just click on the ‘Save to my recipe box’ link under the recipe you would like to save. You can come back anytime to view or print your saved recipes.

You can access this page at anytime in many different ways. The first, is by simply bookmarking this page. You can also get to it from the menu on the bottom left of the site.
This page can also be accessed from the side flyout section. Hit the icon at the top of the site that looks like this: menu_iconThere are links at the top, and near the bottom of that section.

There is a “Save to my recipe box” link at the top and bottom of each recipe. You can use those links to add and remove recipes in your recipe box. You can also manage your recipe box from this page.

At this time time you can only access your recipe box from the device that it was created on (i.e. If you make a recipe box on a work computer, it will not be accessible from your home computer).

Your recipe box is saved to your browser’s cookies. As such, if you make a recipe box in one browser, it will not be accessible from another. (i.e. If you make a recipe box using Firefox, you will not be able to get to it from Chrome, even if on the same computer.) If you delete these cookies, your recipe box will be emptied.

We are working on a system that will allow you to save your recipes and access them from anywhere, and will update everyone once it is ready to be used.

If you have issues with, or need help using your recipe box. Leave a comment here. We will be answering back on this new feature until we have the system working 100%.

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